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Noticing Heart Disease Early Signs

Heart disease in many countries becomes the biggest reason of the people’s death and this must be kind of big nightmare for people from all around the world. We can assure that the cause of this disease is varied from one to another people. There are some people who suffer of heart disease because their parents have it but there are more people who suffer if this disease because they have very bad living habit which is not healthy for long enough time.

Although people usually find the attack or heart disease on the old age, there are some early signs which can be found when they are still young enough. The most common heart disease early sign is angina which is characterized by the pain in chest which can be felt in various ways such as squeezing or heavy sensation, severe discomfort, as well as the chest weight feeling. The artery which is hardening is called Atherosclerosis becomes the next early sign of heart disease and it will be noticed after people find the bad circulation in their hands as well as feet.

There are also some other early signs including dizziness, nausea, palpitation, sweating in all condition, and also the breath shortness.

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