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Treating Yeast Infection with Water

Yeast infection is caused by fungus called Candida albicans. This disease is commonly found on women, but as it is transmittable via sexual encounter, men can also contract it to what extent is unpredictable. Normally, simple homemade remedies can get it off your body, some sever conditions might want you to pay a doctor a visit, though.

There are also medications taken to fight off the infection. But as drugs’ capability to dispel the fungus is quite hard to measure, the best to do is to increase bodily defense mechanism as it is the frontier that limits the movement or the growth of those little invaders. Certain antibiotics can suppress immune system, so there’s that to deal with. For stronger and more effective antifungal medication, you must consult your dermatologist, first.

But, the thing least expected by many to become a powerful treatment for yeast infection is water. As the Candida feeds on sugar, excess sugar within body will only make the overgrowth thrives. Drinking more water will drive to urinate more and this excess of sugar can be flushed out of the body. So, the first time you realize you’ve contracted Candida, drink the water as sufficient as you can.

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